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Why don’t we offer free consultations or why can’t I just get the answer to a simple question? At Short & Stevens Law, we pride ourselves on being honest and efficient. Without a consultation fee and agreement, we can only give information, not advice. The fee and agreement allow us to conflict check prior to the meeting and give advice at the meeting, saving you both time and money. Any fee paid goes toward the overall representation, so schedule an appointment today!


We don’t sell forms because we don’t have trademarked cookie cutter forms like other law firms or websites. This is because we truly care about our clients’ unique goals and situations. You can find many low-cost or free forms on the internet and prepare estate planning documents yourself, without the advice of an attorney. However, doing so means you are gambling your assets and your family’s well being on your knowledge of state laws and legal documents. Oftentimes, not preparing anything is better for those you leave behind than preparing a document incorrectly. If you have no other option, at least let an experienced attorney like those at Short & Stevens Law review the documents.

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We charge flat fees for most of the work we do so you don’t have to guess what you are going to pay. However, not every business, person, or couple is alike, so we can’t give you exact pricing until we meet with you and learn your specific needs. You can find our general estate plan package and pricing options below.

Areas of Law

Estate Planning

You need estate planning; you don’t need a cookie cutter plan with a “free” book or handout. You need attorneys who understand your goals and give you the best possible options to achieve those goals. Life is short, plan while you can.

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The 7-letter P word that everyone wants to avoid. When you lose a loved one, you don't want to deal with a complicated process, fighting, and attorneys; you want to grieve. Being in charge of the probate process can be a tremendous and difficult responsibility.

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Trust Administration

When trusts exist, the trusts have to be administered. Without the appropriate knowledge, their administration can be long and costly. Some people are comfortable handling this on their own and others want assistance.

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Business & Real Estate Law

From entity selection, formation, and business document creation to employee or independent contractor agreements, contract reviews, buy-sell agreements, dissolutions, in-house and outsourced counsel, the attorneys at Short & Stevens Law can give you the advice you need for your unique situation.

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Get in touch with us to see how we could help serve you. If you want to get started with a meeting, schedule a consultation below.

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Before you leave…did you know that in the VAST majority of cases estate planning is FAR cheaper than probate? Don’t risk your children’s well-being or leave your loved ones with an emotional and financial mess.