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Estate Planning

You need estate planning; you don’t need a cookie cutter plan with a “free” book or handout. You need attorneys who understand your goals and give you the best possible options to achieve those goals. Life is short, plan while you can.

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The 7-letter P word that everyone wants to avoid. When you lose a loved one, you don't want to deal with a complicated process, fighting, and attorneys; you want to grieve. Being in charge of the probate process can be a tremendous and difficult responsibility.

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Trust Administration

When trusts exist, the trusts have to be administered. Without the appropriate knowledge, their administration can be long and costly. Some people are comfortable handling this on their own and others want assistance.

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Business & Real Estate Law

From entity selection, formation, and business document creation to employee or independent contractor agreements, contract reviews, buy-sell agreements, dissolutions, in-house and outsourced counsel, the attorneys at Short & Stevens Law can give you the advice you need for your unique situation.

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Before you leave…did you know that in the VAST majority of cases estate planning is FAR cheaper than probate? Don’t risk your children’s well-being or leave your loved ones with an emotional and financial mess.