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The 7-letter P word that everyone wants to avoid. When you lose a loved one, you don’t want to deal with a complicated process, fighting, and attorneys; you want to grieve. Being in charge of the probate process can be a tremendous and difficult responsibility. Unfortunately, even the most pleasant family relationships can become contentious when a death occurs. Proper estate planning can avoid this. However, should you find yourself involved in probate and have little to no experience with legal and court procedures, the attorneys at Short & Stevens Law can help make the process as simple and smooth as possible. 

The value of the estate determines the type of probate. The probate process length and cost vary drastically because there are so many different factors involved. The probate attorneys at Short & Stevens Law give the executors or administrators various options to minimize costs and ensure the process is as efficient as possible, so call us today. Life is short, don’t waste your time in court. 



A Will avoids probate.

the TRUTH A Will only directs the court once in probate, otherwise the state makes the direction itself.

You need to have a lot of money or a lot of assets to worry about estate planning

the TRUTH Estate planning is not just about your assets, but also about your body.

A Trust is the only way to avoid probate

the TRUTH There are many ways to avoid probate, a Trust is merely one option.

My heirs will be able to find my estate planning documents

the TRUTH There is no central database for estate planning documents (though through our Elite Estate Insider Program there can be for you).

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Whitney Short handles all my estate planning and I recommend her to everyone I can. She’s informed, wonderful to work with, and always timely with any changes I ask for. She’s completely on top of her game and the best in Las Vegas.
If you want an intelligent and honest attorney to help you with your estate planning, I’d highly recommend Whitney Short. I’ve personally recommended several friends and family to her over the years, and they’ve always been more than satisfied with her work.
Whitney is an excellent attorney. I have hired her for her services and would choose to go with her again in a heartbeat to handle any estate or probate needs. She contains a rare combination of competency, work-ethic, honesty, and compassion.
We used Whitney to first create our Will and then a Trust once we started a family. Whitney is professional, genuine and truly cares about her clients. I not only know that Whitney will take care of our needs, but also help us understand everything so that we can make the best decisions for our family. I can't recommend her and her team's services enough!
I have used Whitney for many years now. She has helped me form businesses, writing and reviewing contracts/ agreements, establishing my estate plan, etc. My business wouldn't be were it is today without her. She is an expert in her field and is a true professional. The entire staff excels in customer service, they're very friendly and welcoming, plus they always get things done in a timely manner. Thank you for all the help over the years!

Estate Planning (Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, etc.); Trust Administration; Probate; Business Law; and Real Estate Law

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Before you leave…did you know that in the VAST majority of cases estate planning is FAR cheaper than probate? Don’t risk your children’s well-being or leave your loved ones with an emotional and financial mess.